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Syncfusion Interview Questions
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About CLS and CTS?

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For a webapplication if i want to gice access controls like admin,users how can i give security like rolebased?

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To Write a C program to remove the repeated characters in the entered expression or in entered characters(i.e) removing duplicates.

19 124120 Interview Question A=10 B=5 C=A+B Print C The above will be given in a multiline textbox. You need to parse the above input, store values for A,B&c. And you have to display the value of C.

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I have table name'temp' in that I wanted to add some partial data for a particular column name 'policyno' where data is existing in that column. Ex.Policyno like 'R-KT-SK- EA-134526' like 100 records. In that 100 records some policynos are just like 134527 I mean with out prefix like'R-KT-SK-EA-' now I wanted add this prefix as 'R-KT-SK- EA-134527' for some 50 records. How can I add partial data?

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hash function,hash table,linked list,binary tree traversal

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How can u sort strings in array where strings are passed to method as arguments.

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