definion of tcp

definion of tcp..

Answer / naina

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the
central protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite. TCP is
one of the two original components of the entire Internet
Protocol Suite, commonly referred to as TCP/ IP. IP
manages the lower-level transmissions from machine to
machine and TCP functions at a higher level, concerned only
with the two end computers.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the major transport
protocol utilized in IP networks. The TCP protocol exists
on the Transport Layer of the OSI Model. The TCP protocol
is a connection-oriented protocol which provides end-to-end

By connection-oriented, we mean that before two network
nodes can communicate using TCP, they must first complete a
handshaking protocol to create a connection. When we say
that TCP provides end-to-end reliability, we mean that TCP
includes mechanisms for error detection and error
correction between the source and the destination.

These properties of TCP are in contrast to UDP, which is
connectionless and unreliable.Higher layer protocols which
utilize TCP include HTTP, SMTP, NNTP, FTP, telnet, SSH,
and LDAP.

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