Indian army clerk joining hyderabad

Indian army clerk joining hyderabad..

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Joining dates declared by department of Indian Army Bhaibhand/UHQ/Relation Bharati for All States & UTs of India: Artillery Centre Hyderabad has released a Unit Headquarer Quota (UHQ) recruitment on dated12 jan 2018, list of candidates qualified as per given below:Roll No. Candidate Name Father NamePun/jam/gd/300417/1000 Surinder Kumar Ajit SinghPun/jam/gd/300417/1001 Ajay Gupta Ramesh GuptaPun/jam/gd/300417/1002 Rajat Kumar Kartar ChandPun/jam/gd/300417/1003 Anita Rani Gurdev SinghPun/jam/gd/300417/1004 Lakhvir Singh Surjan SinghPun/jam/gd/300417/1005 Krishan Chand Kartar SinghPun/jam/gd/300417/1006 Rohit Jaswal Jeevan JaswalPun/jam/gd/300417/1007 Akhil Chaudhary PurshotamPun/jam/gd/300417/1008 Rajan Sharma Jatinder SharmaPun/jam/tm/300417/1009 Rajesh Kumar Chet RamPun/jam/tm/300417/1010 Gurmukh Singh Gurdyal SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1011 Nabneet Singh Parmod SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1012 Abhi Verma Amit KumarPun/jam/tm/300417/1013 Akshay Chauhan Karam ChandPun/jam/tm/300417/1014 Rajvir Singh Gulshan KumarPun/jam/tm/300417/1015 Sulekha Rani Ravi KantPun/jam/tm/300417/1016 Shubham Kaundal Jagdish RamPun/jam/tm/300417/1017 Seema Rani Rajinder KumarPun/jam/tm/300417/1018 Parshotam Lal Bhagwant SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1019 Ravi Kumar Sajjan SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1020 Lovish Sethi Suraj SethiPun/jam/tm/300417/1021 Amit Kumar Mangla Raghubir SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1022 Raghu Raj Avinash RamPun/jam/tm/300417/1023 Sumitera Devi Gulshan KumarPun/jam/tm/300417/1024 Sohan Shakar Gurdit SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1025 Mohan Lal Jagjit SinghPun/jam/tm/300417/1026 Nikita Behal Rajiv BehalPun/jam/tm/300417/1027 Som Parkash Balvir ChandPun/jam/tm/300417/1028 Rajni Bala Sukhdev SinghNote : Joining letter has been despatched on the candidates corresponding Address updation 31 Dec 2017 http///INDIAN ARMY HYDERABAD.IN

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Indian Army Clerk joining 2017, Hyderabad

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