What are the important dates for JEE Main 2018 Exam?

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Hi all, Please mail me the syllabus for KPTCL exam for computers. mail id: is.shek@gmail.com Thanks in advance

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I wrote letters to four different people and wrote their addresses on four envelopes. But while inserting each letter into an envelope. I was careless. Either I put three letters in right envelopes, or I put two letters in right envelopes or I put one letter in wrong envelope, what did I do?

1 Answers   Patni,

What is the qualification/illegblity And When fillup forms

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Which is the largest district in India in terms of population?

7 Answers   Banking,

Find Square root(2+Sqrt(2+Sqrt(2........

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what is the measuring principle of o2&co

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hi, this is samba. i completed my B.Tech and i want to complete PG in IIT so give me the exam tips...?

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can u make this program simpler

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write a program to flip the 2nd bit of the 32 bit number

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A constant voltage is applied between two ends of a metallic wire. If the length is halved and the radius of the wire doubled, the rate of heat developed in the wire will be:

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