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GATE Interview Questions
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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ) Question Paper - 1999 COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING


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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ) Question Paper - 2000 COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ) Question Paper - 2001 COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ) Question Paper - 2002 COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING


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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ) Question Paper - 2003 COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING

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Y Electrical engineerig mainly the supply as sinusoidal otherthan non-sinsoidal?


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why is trnsformer rating in kva

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why is trnsformer rating in kva

Emco, Wipro,

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send the instrumentation branch model question paper at the last year paper


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Give the name in which indian hill station was the first ropeway constructed ?

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An air-india plane called ________exploded on the Irish sea on its flight from canada to india

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Who was the first writer in english to be awarded the sahitya akademi Award in 1961?


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dear sir, pls provide me a placement paper for hpcl exam for mechanical exam. this is a request pls do the needful as early as possibl my mail id is


difference between connection less and wireless network ?

GATE, KLN College of Engineering,

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hai i need to no hpcl portion i am going to write on march2 so please send to my id


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I am looking for bank exam coaching in Hyderabad. Can anybody tell me which is the best institute for BANK and which branch is good giving me branch details.


Design the test cases for Boundary Value analysis of the following. Consider a program that prompts the user to input three numbers (say x, y, z) and the data type for input parameters ensures that these will be integers greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100. The program should then output the numbers in ascending order.


The horse has played a little known but very important role in the field of medicine. Horses were injected with toxins of diseases until their blood built up immunities. Then a serum was made from their blood.Serums to fight with diphtheria and tetanus were developed this way. It can be inferred from the passage, that horses were (A) given immunity to diseases (B) generally quite immune to diseases (C) given medicines to fight toxins (D) given diphtheria and tetanus serums


is vertical heat exchanger has better heat transfer coefficient than horizontal heat exchanger?


in vfd why we did not give directac ac supply?


can u explain me the way to know the relation between the active as well as the reactive power acting on an electical machine under the under excitation as well as over excitation mode


plz send me bhel paper....


Respected sir/madam, My self R SANKAR. I am final year BE civil engineering student (2014-2018). i have shortlisted for isro exam 2018.last university exam (7th sem) result was declared i have scored 6.98CGPA. but they not provide last result mark sheet still now 1. What are the documents bring to isro exam venue? 2. either bring bonafide certificate from college instead of mark sheets?


If Q is the point of ABCD rectangle where QA=3CM,QB=4CM,and QC=5cm then find the length of QD ?




could u send me the model papers for drug inspector exam at


Why voltage drops in star connected motor And how IL=ph


Equivalent resistance of 100 homs and 200 homs resistors connected in parallel is


what will the output of this program. sint a=10,b; b=a++ + ++a; printf("%d,%d,%d,%d",b,a++,a,++a)


.students decide to gift principal 4200 rupees. if teachers give 50% more than the students and an external person gives 3 times to that of much do teachers give.