Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.

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what is web server?

3 Answers   Satyam,

where the connection string store in the database

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if a parameter is not send to a stored procedure what type of identifier is to be used in Stp and if that parameter is not feed to the a query inside the Stp how to validate with out useing IF condition

1 Answers   Aviva,

can any one say how to update the following senario I have a table <srabank> in which the table structure is as follows ANAME ACCNO LOCATION ACCTYPE BAL SBanuPrakash 31518746291 Punganur deposit 4000 Sreenivas 31518746292 mahoobnagar current 14000 Ranjith 31518746293 Karimnagar Savings 2000 Giresh 31518746294 Chennai deposit 40000 Boo 31518746295 Chennai Savings 20000 Jay 31518746296 Valachari Savings 1000 tirumalraj 31518746297 Vellore Savings 8000 The senario is We need to select one account number and check the balance after checking the balance if the balance exist we need to transfer to another account . in the from account the amount need to be reduced and in the to account the amount needed to be added. for example for the <accountno> <31518746291> the balance is <4000> for the <accno> <31518746292> the balance is <14000> after transferring the balance the details will look as follows <accno><31518746291> <bal> <2000> <accno><31518746292> <bal> <16000> the above mentioned two statment will come under the final result.

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When do you use SQL Profiler?

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What are the pros and cons of creating extended stored procedures?

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when we use function instead of procedure? plz tell me the situation with ex?

3 Answers   IBM,

What are Sql Reporting Services and analysis services? Can u Explain

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how to delete duplicate rows in sql server2005

7 Answers   HCL, CTS, Cisco, IBM,

What is a SQL Server Temporary Table?

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How many types of Outer Joins?What are they?

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I have a table in which phno is one of the columns.i do have some values in tht phno column.i need to update phno column values with 0(zero) as prefix.give me a correct solution plz...

7 Answers   Value Labs,