If we delete pack Spec what will be the status of pack Body ?

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check, not null,unique

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The Difference between 'Count' and 'Count(*)'

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what purpose does OPENXML clause have in sql server stored procedure?

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what r steps to we need to fallow b4 kill the process?

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Write a SQL Query to find first Week Day of month?

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Accidentally i deleted my table. How can i get that table?

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explain the type of contraints

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Can Having clause be used without Group by clause?

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I am using SQL Server 2005, I have some select and update statements in my query with WHERE clause I want to prevent these queries from SQL injection attacks. What are the steps and precautions to be taken for SQL Injection attacks? Does anybody have suggestions? Thanks in advance,

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Where are magic tables stored ? Is it in the same database where it is created ?

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What is the system function to get the current user's user id?

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i want table name basis on column name.

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