how to adjustent the accounts part of the company and how to calculate vat and gst .kindly answer me sir. my e-mail id is:-

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what is the use of 2a,2b & 2c form in cst

2 Answers   OmniComp,

What are the various forms used for Sales Tax?

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how to recover a tds from taxation towards an assesse so particularly in finaNCIAL YEAR

1 Answers   Bank Of America,

can we take credit under service tax of services taken after 6 to 7 months?

4 Answers  

how to reconccile account payable & account receivable.please provide best solution with example

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For the Quarter Oct-Dec 2008, we hav to give the service tax purchase bills and Sales bills whose payment are cleared in that particular quarter. if i missed any of the bills for the filing? shall i submit the missing bills inthe next quarter(Jan - Mar 09)?

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Dear friends please let me know, what % of amount has deduct from vendors bill for civil supply and instollation work

3 Answers  

In Excise please mention Mandatory file which is to maintained(e.g PLA ;RG1;Rg23)

2 Answers   ABC, Reckers,

what mean by tds on vat?

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I am trader & my office in Delhi & I have any Material purchase from Puna & I want directly dispatch material from Puna to Ludhina which my customer. So what can I do this transaction ? & what will the tax pay.

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If possible Vat Charged on Service Tax ?

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what is excise duty? what is excise duty percentage on sales?

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