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can we change date in tally.erp s/w in educational mode ?

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What are mis reports?

0 Answers  

entry of salary after deducting esi and pf

2 Answers   Fiat,


1 Answers   Eicher,

Credit purchase entry

10 Answers   Ernst Young, FIC,

bookkeeping, and accountancy,purchase procedure , Educational institutions ;, secretarial practices, Administratire and Academic rules and regulations in Government offices, Academic institutional , computer skils. etc

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What is the difference betwween letter of credit and contract of what situations these will issued by whom?

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Needs for capital

2 Answers  

what is the difference between cheque dishounerd and cheque bounced?

5 Answers   Idea,

What is the difference in accounting and marketing and what is so different about them?

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what is the difference between an invoice and bill?

2 Answers  

What accounting Treatment we should do while we received Amount Rs 39200 After deducting Tds 800 From Invoice Amount 40000. Kindly also explain for deducting Tds should be booked under which Head of Tally.

4 Answers  

I cleared IBPS exam Basically I belongs to A.P. but I applied for karnataka will they accept me?

2 Answers   Banking, Oriental Bank Of Commerce,