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At what point excise duty is accrued

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what is exice duty & what are the exicesable goods

1 Answers  

If I sale old fixed assets then what will be its entry passed. In loss as well as in Profit condition. Plz. advised me with example.

2 Answers  

serice tax can be exempted in calculation of tds on contract wages as exempted like rent on service tax

2 Answers  

what is the tds rate for private companey?

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how to calculate sub contract tds his bill 48500?

6 Answers   Capital IQ,


7 Answers   ABC, Chartered Accountant, Ramky, Spk Software, VS,

Rate of TDS On Contractor for advertisement exp.

14 Answers   Atlantic BPO, DNX, Gem Granites, JM Baxi, Pradipkumar Pharma, TCS,

Tds Rate for Rent for company.

14 Answers   Pearl Global, TCS,

What is the rate of TDS on Rent on NRI

0 Answers   IEC,

Pls give a details knowledge of Income Tax (including TDS, TCS)duty paid online form no., due date, return form no. and due date, limit of turnover for auditing, procedure of auditing and income tax depreciation, etc.

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what is TCS? and why it is collect by Government?

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what is exemption of income tax in case of huf and a firm

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