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tds will be charged by hotel industry on what

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What is the last date for filing of returns for TDS, ESI, PF, Professional Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax and Income Tax?

21 Answers   ABC, Balaji, Bony Polymers, Chetak Logistics, Classic Network, ESI, JCI, Meghmani, Nishant Mouldings, PK Power Systems, Power, SRCON, Unicorn DenMart,

I want to know how to calculate VAT / WCT Liability under composition scheme and regular scheme at Karnataka

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as we are having are unit in a area where excise duty is not applicable and on my purchase i am paying excise duty can i take refund of the duty paid by me and what was is procedure? plz. replay to my on my id

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what is the journal entry if bank deducted tds on commision

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How many heads are there under total income? Name them.

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When we make payment of custom duty through DEPB Licence against Import.we are a trading Unit. Can we pass on the 100% modvat to manufacturer as per mentioned in Bill of entry.

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whether TDS is deducted on internet charges(leased line) and which section does it belong to and if it is applicable then what is the maximum exemption limit?

6 Answers   Airtel,

what is roc which works roc

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IF 7th is Sunday, can we pay the TDS on 8th?

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Our Factory in Gurgaon(Hrayana) & our another Branch(Shop)in Delhi.we are stock transfer factory to branch so what form we used & why.Please send me my mail Thanks(RABI)

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What is the difference where sales accounted exluding and including of vat, octrai, other taxes?

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