salary payable deduct tds entry

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Whether Goods receipt is an Asset or liability?

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what do you mean by accrual & due ? What is the difference between Accrual & due?

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What is the difference between Capital and Total Equity in a Company?

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salary payable deduct tds entry

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what is fictitious account?

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what is the main difference between Outstanding & Accrued Expenses?

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what is the outcome of trading and profit and loss account

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whatis the meaning of Depreciation? and why it will charge?

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Interest received 5,000 and still receivable Rs. 2,000 PLease give journal entry for this!

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Why do we prepare trial balance?

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Why is it necessary to prepare Asset Disposal Account?

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What is the Difference Between (A/c Payable / Receivable ) AND ( Bills payable / Receivable )................?

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