salary payable deduct tds entry

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what is cost center & cost categories in tally

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entry of salary after deducting esi and pf

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Difference Between LBO and MBO?

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“The investment, financing and dividend decisions are interlinked”. Comment.

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in bank statement what is the tras date? and value date? what is the difference?

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audit under section and penalty under saction scurtiny under saction

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What would be the entry at the time of Generating Tution Fee Challan for Advance fees. (e.g In the Month of April, Fees of June and July in being asked to pay by school to their students?,

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what is the difference between contra entry and double entry?

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Explain what is involved in the process of double-entry accounting?

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What will be the journal entry in the case of Debit Memo and Credit Memo?

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what the three thing that can not make accounting statement balance?

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1.Is deprciation a source of funds? How is it treated in calculatiing fund from operations? 2. What is standard costing? Ple. give its advantages. 3. What do you mean by solvency ratios. List two types of solvency ratios which are used by variuos firms. 4. What is objectives of Job costing? 5. Explain Brifly two capital budgeting technique using discounted cash flow criteria.

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