Explain the following ARQ techniques in detail

1. Stop and wait ARQ

2. Selective repeat ARQ

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Explain Salient difference between ISO-OSI and TCP/IP models.

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what are the major componets of client server application?

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Domain user can have multiple login password true or false

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What is BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

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What is the difference between process and thread ? also what is the difference between process and service >

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What is the basic requirement of a real-time network ?

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In which of the 7 layers of OSI will a service handling conversion of characters is from EBCDIC to ASCII be normally implemented ?

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What does ‘data transparency’ mean ? With the help of a flow chart, explain the process of bit de-stuffing at the receiver’s end.

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What is sliding window protocol ?

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How will you choose between synchronous and asynchronous replication for SRDF?

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Explain 5-4-3 rule?

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Contrast link state and distance vector routing protocols, giving an example of each.

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