Which layer is used to detect and correct errors

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what is WiFi?what is the latest version?

4 Answers   Infosys, BPO, Serco,

Explain various cabling techniques used in IEEE 802.3 standard.

0 Answers  

Why data link layer is divided into two layers?

2 Answers   HCL,

how do u share printer through FTP(fire transfer protocol)?

0 Answers  

Write a short note on ISDN?

0 Answers  

Outline and discuss the main fields in Ethernet IEEE 802.3 frame. What are the main objectives of preamble ?

0 Answers  

What are two characteristics of clients in data networks?

1 Answers   Cisco,

Where will the deleted data stored when the Recycle Bin is full ?

1 Answers  

Why TCP and IP are written all together as TCP/IP?

8 Answers   Sutherland, KPIT,

draw the diagrams for TDMA,CDMA, FDMA and explain it. explain congestion control, congestion avoidence, sliding window protocol..

1 Answers   Wipro, NTPC, Aricent, Jaypee, Multinet,

What are the ways to troubleshoot the network, techniques, commands?

1 Answers  

what does star, ring, and tree mean

2 Answers  

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