Explain Token ring

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What are the principles that were applied to arrive at the seven layers in OSI model?

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What is UTP?

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What is traffic shaping

0 Answers   Elgi Equipments,

The Data Link Layer encapsulates the network-layer information in a PDU called __________.

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what is active directory?

12 Answers   i policy,

Talk about diffrent types of cables used in lan cabling?

18 Answers   Genpact, College School Exams Tests, AdOn,

What is your most recent experience with VERTAS backup software?

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What is the Rule of 17 concerning mapping devices to FAs?

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Discuss Shannon’s capacity. What implications does it have ?

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How the code in popup card number(SIM recharge card number) will be unique?How they designed?What is the formula?Please answer me?

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waht is DHCP?

8 Answers   HCL, Arvind,

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