up to which ver of linux using lilo boot loader? last ver of

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Define Wireless Networks

0 Answers   Hughes,

how many backups in windows2003

3 Answers  

What is a router?

21 Answers   Wipro, iGate,

What is ISO-OSI reference model ? Compare it with TCP/IP reference model.

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What is an Operating System?

2 Answers   Suzlon,

Am planning to do a course on Remote Infrastructure Management.Is it a good field. And one more thing. Am planning to join Talent Sprint, Hyd. How good is this institute. Please help fast

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What is Safe Mode?

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What is Device Manager?

1 Answers  


3 Answers   Elgi Equipments,

What is redirector

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what are the work of 7 layers in osi model?

3 Answers  

What is TCP/IP ?

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