Explain pure-ALOHA and slotted- ALOHA systems. Give the expression for throughout for each,clearly explaining the various terms.

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Compare the maximum window size in go-back-N and selective-repeat ARQs.

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Explain network equipment used in wired-LANS and explain the function of Hub, Switch, and bridge.

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Explain the working of 3 bit sliding window protocol with suitable example.

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what is the use of PING command?

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How is Ntework Testing carried out?

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which is true a)bridge connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive b)router connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive c)gateway connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive d)none of the above

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what happens when two consigitive ports of switch are connacted using one cross cabel with each other?(how the whole network gets down)

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Talk about diffrent types of cables used in lan cabling?

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Any body tell me my system is restarting. i hav add new RAM 256 MB.plz tell me how can i handle it.

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what is web server,application server,database server

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Different Solutions to dining philosophers problem.

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1).what is forest? 2).what is dns and dhcp port no's? 3).what is file system? 4).what is terminal server?

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