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Explain HDLC

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Enumerate the main responsibilities of data link layer ?

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What is zoning/masking/mapping?

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Outline and discuss the main fields in Ethernet IEEE 802.3 frame. What are the main objectives of preamble ?

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Can we extend the range of Wifi with the use of some softwares, if yes, which one? Or is there any hardware to do so, how much will it cost?

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If i want to crack any serial key using system information then how can i do it? Is it possible?

0 Answers   IBM,

Explain 5-4-3 rule?

1 Answers   Elgi Equipments,

why we need MAC address in data link layer?

2 Answers   TeleTech,

What is packet switching ? Explain two different approaches of packet switching. ?

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Question What is datagram, datagram packets and datagram sockets?

0 Answers   UAF,

Expand IDEA?

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Assuming classful addressing, find the no of subnets and the no of hosts per subnet for the following blocks: (i) (ii) A class B block having mask of

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i would like to say sir right now i have done hard/w networkig course ad doing a job as ATE engineer from CMS computer .Ltd so what r doing for future career ,which course is good ,&where is more opportunity plz tell me detils sir i m dialma??

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