What is the difference between boundary level masking and non- boundary level masking? Give examples

What is the difference between boundary level masking and non- boundary level masking? Give examples..

Answer / ruwan

In boundary level masking,two masking numbers are consider(0,255).In non-boundary level masking other values of masking is used apart from 0 and 255.
Refer this:https://books.google.lk/books?id=ISdyrrMsph4C&pg=SA2-PA28&lpg=SA2-PA28&dq=boundary+level+masking+vs+non+boundary+level+masking&source=bl&ots=eLZLnx0RaB&sig=o2ePyPQvDElKrdqR3clnLVs_47g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjN4uiw3MfVAhUIpI8KHTgPB8o4ChDoAQgpMAE#v=onepage&q=boundary%20level%20masking%20vs%20non%20boundary%20level%20masking&f=false

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