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When we received payment from creditors

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Please tell me under which heads following ledgers should open or create. 1. Vat on Sales 2. Vat on Purchases 3. Excise on Sales 4. Excise on Purchases 5. Service Tax Input 6. Service Tax Output It’s urgent for me.

14 Answers   Genpact, IMK, MMS,

why the company select you?

4 Answers   Frankfinn,

what are the types of option contract?

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What is the Difference Between Economy and Finance?

1 Answers   DMRC,

what is Credit?

8 Answers  

What are time sheets?

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pl. tel me what is the entry for this transaction 1)i deposited rs.10,000 t/w. dealer ship deposit 2)the goodwill amount 1 lakh brought by raju was appoprtioned and paid to the existing parteners eswar,mahesh,ravi as per their sharing ratios 38% , 24%, 38%

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What is ppe in accounting?

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withdrew cash for domestic use ?

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How can I pass the journal entry for Work in progress. I would like to know that where should be the debit and credit allocated in accounting system. eg. WIP debit will be under asset a/c in balance sheet what about credit? me

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Why don't show the opening & closing stock in Trial Balance.

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Dear sir Per Day Maximum Cash payment for Limited company in India

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