how to upload file other than autoit

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how to upload file other than autoit..

Answer / ndp

You can use both AutoIT or Robot class for upload functionality.

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how to upload file other than autoit..

Answer / siddu

I was working on selenium scripts and came across file upload functionality. Selenium core JavaScript engine don't have capability to handle the windows pop-up due to same origin policy, so we need to relay on other tools. One of the best open source tool for handling windows objects is Autoit.

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how to upload file other than autoit..

Answer / julie

By specifying the absolute path of the file using double backward slace(//) as an argument of sendkeys.

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how to upload file other than autoit..

Answer / bharat

You can use ROBOT API jars to upload the file. Simply trigger the browse button and when you need to give the location of your file to upload use Robot API to send the location and then again using Robot API press enter.

try {
//Setting clipboard with file location
//native key strokes for CTRL, V and ENTER keys
Robot robot = new Robot();

} catch (Exception exp) {

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