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What is the Change management ?

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how to run the qtp scripts in Test it posssiblr or not?? and also i want to see the previes test results,how to see and where to see??

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Hi All, Im currently getting to grips with the Document Generator in Test Director and have a query. We use TD to link requirements to test cases and I am attempting to produce a report which lists the requirement and the test case it is linked to. I cant see a way to do this as the test case link info resides on the Coverage page and it appears the only field available to display for requirements reports within document generator as those on the 'details' tab. Any tips?

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What is the difference between master test plan and test plan?

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How to switch between two projects?

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How to use testdirector in real time projects?

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Explain the procedure of connecting testdirector in qtp?

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How you upload test cases in to TD.

2 Answers   Cognizant,

What are the MIC& Reporter Class in DP?

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How can we split the tests in Test Director?

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when i am trying to install QC 9.2 i got a message like"Windows Xp Service Pack2 does not support QC enterprise edition.."what does it mean by.please help me.

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HOw to map testcases with requirements in test lab?

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TD is web based or client/server?

4 Answers   CIL,