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what is the process to return sales tax file?how can i prepared s.t. file?what should be qualification for it?

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What is deffered revenue expenditure

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what is the meaning of mutual funds?and how many types?

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Calculate Income Ta X On Nett Income Of Rs 365520 For Men,women And Senior Citizen For The Assessment Years 2009- 10 And 2010-11?

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In Pricing the gallons of petrol sold,service station 'A' follows the first-in-first-out method,while service station'B'follows last-in-first-out method.On 1st January both has the same quantity in stock viz.6,000 gallons at Rs.26 per gallon.During the month,each station recieved additional supplies of 6,000 gallons at Rs.27.50 per gallon.Sales for each of these two stations,during the month,were 8,800 gallons at Rs.29 per gallon. Determine for each service station,profit earned during the month and value of the petrol in stock at close of the month.

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give the details of overheads which are not included in costing

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What is capital gains?

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How you implemented a chargeback system?

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what is transaction?

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distinguish between price rate and time rate?

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Expand C R

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Expand L T A

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what is zero base budget?

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