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Explain Wi-Fi Multimedia Extensions (WME)?

Explain Wi-Fi Multimedia Extensions (WME)?..

Answer / rajendra gupta

This uses a protocol called Enhanced Multimedia Distributed Control Access (EDCA), which is Extensions an enhanced version of the Distributed Control Function (DCF) defined in the original 802.11 MAC.

The enhanced part is that EDCA will define eight levels of access priority to the shared wireless channel. Like the original DCF, the EDCA access is a contention-based protocol that employs a set of waiting intervals and back-off timers designed to avoid collisions. However, with DCF all stations use the same values and hence have the same priority for transmitting on the channel.

Can u explain Wi-Fi Scheduled Multimedia (WSM)?

True consistent delay services can be provided with the optional Wi-Fi Scheduled Multimedia (WSM). WSM operates like the little used Point Control Function (PCF) defined with the original 802.11 MAC.

In WSM, the access point periodically broadcasts a control message that forces all stations to treat the channel as busy and not attempt to transmit. During that period, the access point polls each station that is defined for time sensitive service.

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