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Please explain prepaid roaming MT call flow.
(All the related MAP/INAP and ISUP messages)

Please explain prepaid roaming MT call flow. (All the related MAP/INAP and ISUP messages)..

Answer / sanjay

if a prepaid customer calls to a prepaid Roamer ,1st IDP will be generated for A No.,After successful balace check ,SRI request will be forwarded to Inter circle GMSC,GMSC will fwd request to HLR to provide RN,HLR will request serving MSC to provide MSRN.meanwhile IDP will be initiated for B No. Balance check.After successful balance check from Roamer circle IN,HLR will release MSRN to A subscriber serving MSC.After getting the MSRN IAM will be initiated and ISUP trunk will be ceased.

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