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on 02/05/2013 issued a cheque to third eye ltd of Rs.14000/- in full and final settlement against the due on amount

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Mention why some asset accounts have a credit balance?

0 Answers  

If balancing account is not assigned to company & is assigned to department wat will be the effects

0 Answers   Meru Cabs,

What is LIFO and FIFO ?

5 Answers  

what is the meaning of Cost center?

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hi, M a fresher who started work in an event management firm as an accountant recently, and i don't know the head o tail of what to be done., worse part is its a small firm, and i have to learn everything on my own,:( so if anyone could guide me pllleeeeeesssssssseeeeeeee help... its really very urgent.. I'd be very grateful...

3 Answers  

We purchased material from other state against C form. Here in invoice Basic price value - Rs 100000 Cst 2% - Rs 2000 and transportation charges - Rs 8000 Total bill value - Rs 110000. But in C form How much amount we have to give? 100000 or 102000 or 110000 I am waiting for your valuable reply, advance thanks.

1 Answers   Pharma,

how to individual capital account.

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what do you understand by BRS? why is the reconciliation done?

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Explain how you can adjust entries into account?

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what are the limitations of accounting conventions

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A change in accounting policy is justified (a) To comply with accounting standard. (b) To ensure more appropriate presentation of the financial statement of the enterprise. (c) To comply with law. (d) All of the above.

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Can u please give me a proper example of how genral entries of depreciation are recorded like if depreciation expense is ONE HUNDRED and acc.dep is two hundred how we will record that?

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