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Is there Disqualification of Auditor u/s 139 of Companies Act 2013 if the auditor is indebted towards the company to be appointed as an auditor, if amount exceeds more than Rs.1000 as against the provision related to Companies Act, 1956 ?

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journal entries

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where to show Preliminary expenses except "Statement of changes in working capital" in Fund flow statement?

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Tell me whether the account “cash” will be credited or debited, when a company pays a bill?

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Explain which account is responsible for interest payable?

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What are the purposes of maintaining control ledgers?

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How to pass entry for fllowing instance in tally or journal entry: Imported goods worth Rs.17,000/-.Invoice value is Rs.17000/- (its incl. Rs.6,000/- freight), duty for this is Rs.4500/- (its seperate).Kindly tel me how to pass entry for the above?

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Which is the adjustment which is not a part of Trial balance but a part of Balance sheet ?

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what is difference cash flow and fund flow with example

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Which steps in Procurement to Pay process does FI documents get created.

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what is equity share

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Tell me why do you apply for a job of an account executive?

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Given the following entries from a TRIAL balance, what entries would fall where in a Balance Sheet & an Income Statement? Accounts receivables Merchandized inventory stores supplies office supplies prepaid insurance accumulated Dep accounts payable sales salaries advertising expense Miscellaneous expense Office salaries expense rent expense Depreciation expense Insurance expense Bad debts expense Allowance for doubtful debts Supplies expense

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