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when we use credit card, then what will do entries in tally erp as a accountant and second question that if he do entry then what will thay keep under the ledger of credit card.

when we use credit card, then what will do entries in tally erp as a accountant and second question ..

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We have use Joournel voucher ( F7 ) ,Credit Card falls under Current liabilities or Provision or Loans(liability)

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why we prepare our accounts of book and why do audit our accounts of book

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sir, some body tell me how i treat the abnormal fire loss stock :-our company suffer a fire loss during goods in transit (goods were hold at warehouse and fire occured) now how i account for the loss and what type of ledger should i create and under which group

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come will open bank account... what journal will come...

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what is accounting

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can anyone help in service tax part if we give a service on credit basis (Credit invoice) how should we pay service tax on invoice basis or reciept basis

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Rs.5000 paid school fees of Director's son. pass the journal entry

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Goods sold by Del Credere Agent are sales of manufacturer or Del Credere Agency?

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what is vendor setup?why it is required in accounts payable process?

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Why we show always closing stock in credit?

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paid vendor to RS 15000 and incentives of RS.5000 and deducted Rs.3000 as penalty so finally paid to vendor is Rs.17000. please let me know the journal entry for this.

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9. Fixed Cost assumed to be $ 2,700. Variable Cost is $ 70 per unit. Selling Price is $ 100 per unit. What would be the Breakeven Point in Units?

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