Do COM keep track of all the object references(Accounting)?

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Do COM keep track of all the object references(Accounting)?..

Answer / naviyr

Object references in COM is accounted using two methods of
IUnknown Interface (AddRef and Release).

AddRef: Increments a reference count whereas "Release"
decrements the count.
When the count of the reference is zero the DLL is unloaded
from memory.

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Do COM keep track of all the object references(Accounting)?..

Answer / vidhya

Component uses reference count for memory
management.whenever a client gets an interface,reference
count get incremented. When client finishes using interface
reference count get decremented. If the reference count
goes to 0, component deletes itself from memory. When
client uses existing interface to create another reference
client has to increment reference count by calling "AddRef"
and release when client finshes using interface.

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Do COM keep track of all the object references(Accounting)?..

Answer / naresh


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