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Talisma Interview Questions
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why should i select you?

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Differentiate normal DLL to COM DLL

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hi to all,i done ccna,now im looking job,but it is very diffcult to get job in networking field,.........i dnt know what im doing wrongly,kindly help me and give the proper way...i have so much of interest in this field only


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Greetings This question is about hydraulics and I request an expert to answer it. A simple hydraulic machine is made up of two heads, a larger one with a larger force inside a wider pipe and a smaller one with a smaller force inside a smaller pipe in width as in the second picture on this link: The question is this: what happens if the smaller head and the smaller force doesn’t exist but the smaller pipe is high enough to take all the liquid? For example the larger head is 1.00 sqr metre and can go down 1.00m under a weight of 100.00kg. The cross sectional area of the smaller pipe is 0.001 sqr metre. Now when the larger head goes down 1.00m, how high the liquid from the wider pipe can go into the smaller pipe of the cross sectional area of 0.001 sqr metre? Regards


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Talisma Interview Questions
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