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i have a written test in tomorrow

i have a written test in tomorrow..

Answer / mounica

please send the placement papers in c

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What is floating point exception error? And what are different types of errors occur during compile time and run time? why they occur?

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what is answer for perfect number????????????????

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Explain how can you be sure that a program follows the ansi c standard?

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write a program to print the one dimensional array.

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without using control structures and control structures find the max and min of given 2 nos

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What do the functions atoi(), itoa() and gcvt() do?

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Method Overloading exist in c ?

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How to print %d in output

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GIven a sequence of characters. How will you convert the lower case characters to upper case characters. ( Try using bit vector - sol given in the C lib -> typec.h)

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what is pointer ?

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The variables are int sum=10,SuM=20; these are same or different?

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write a proram to reverse the string using switch case?

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