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why do u want in BPO

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why do u want in BPO ..

Answer / lalu junaid rafiq

From My point of view,. BPO is concerned with the greatest advantage of making our carier in a very professional manner which BPO gives an opportunity to one to develop himself and learn and experience the profession we want to be in. And if it is like a Multinational Co. like WNS,.then how one could under-estimate his/her carier
Some how i don't really understand about the other registered Co. that they easily ignore the experience in BPO..? Why Dont they Value it..??

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why do u want in BPO ..

Answer / faizan ali

In bpo we can earn as well as learn at the same time nd we will get know know lot of new things while handling customers different exposure to different people.bpo gives us lot opporunity and courage to face the competative world thats the resion i will get on with bpo and i feel in bpo my feature will be colourful

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