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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / shweta sharma

it gves us new day.
it symbolizes dat u can alwaz rise again after a fall.
it gives life to humans and plants.
its the reason for rain which makes trhe earth blossoms.
excess of heat causes droughts.
it causes skin cancer.
it causes sun tan.
it causes deterioration of many plants by burning their
leaves that provide us with oxygen.

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / sanay234

sunshine gives us light
sun gives evergy to many things
it keeps our bones healthy
we get a new day
it gives life to plants n all living things

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / lahja aimwata

it gives us vitamin D and gives life to plants and animals (we can say it is the source of life).

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / priyanuj

advantages-1.good for sinecure job holders. decreases the time n days of our dream n
desired destination.
3.good for freshers who wants to earn experience
n be an experienced person soon. gievs energy n power to those who go to zym,
do yoga.

5.its good for those who like to uo up early in d
morning n take long walk for good health.
disadvantages-1.bad for those people who hav been serviving
of poverty.
2.its very bad for those who suffer from hiv,
cancer etc. as they get close to death.
3.bad for sloth people as they hav to go for
work early in the morning.
4.bad for honorary job holders.
5.bad for those people who always want to be
looked younger then age.

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / poornima


1.we will get a new day to start our good work.
2.we will get new opportunity to succeed on a new day what
we lost last day.
3.Peoples will do yoga,execise & specially Surya Namasakara
to gain good knowledge.
4.we will get more & more experience day by day in our life.
5.Happy for night-shifter's.


1.we will get more sleep so laziness.
2.we will be young bcoz our age won't get add.
3.No work for Day-Shifter's.
4.Happy for theives.
5.No chance of yoga & Surya Namaskara. so, no knowledge
improvement & all.

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Tell 5 advantages and dis-advantages of sunshine?..

Answer / gisan

we get black color.

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