what will the future for manual testing

what will the future for manual testing..

Answer / venu

have a great demand

software exports in 2012 is increased in that testing occupied 30 % and by future 2022 s.w exports incerased to 70% out of that testing occupies 50% so testing has great demand.

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what is test coverage matrix? what its use? and its format?

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Assuming you're given the File->Print Page of MS Word to test,what test cases would you write to test the 'Number Of Copies' field(the max. Permissible value being 32767]?

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can anyone please clearly tell me about test scenario,test script&test case.in which levels v prepare all these?

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static and dyanamic testing

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what kind of document are follow to write test case ??can u tell me briefly

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From Quality Center, how can we take a back up of a project??

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How do ensure that we prepared Test cases for all the requiremets.. or how do we ensure that we didn't missed out any requirments...do we prepare any Tracebility matrix.. can anybody answer this question...

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What is the Technique followed to test Login Screen(Web) BVA or Equivalent Partition why?

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You must test a trouble report where the problem cannot be reproduced. You tried using various test data files and mutations from the data files the customer sent along with the trouble report. The software does not fail the way it did at the customer's site.

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Hi there!!! Im Varun...i've completed my B.Sc in 2013.now im woriking in pharmaceitical company.now i want to shift to IT field..for that ive learned Manual testing.now i want to put 1+ years fake..wat my doubt s can i manage as fresher or any problem???suggest me im confused????

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