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what was the rate of duty i have to pay if i want to import
1) lubricants(engine oil, etc)
2) grease
3) v-belts(rubber belts used in machines, cars, etc)

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What is Service Tax Rate & who exempt Service Tax Rate

4 Answers  

Whether We can Get the Refund of Service Tax Paid Wrongly to the department.We are not suppose to pay the tax and we knew after that we can adjust that servies tax what we have collected from our client aganst services received from our suppliers.

0 Answers  

Our Factory in Gurgaon(Hrayana) & our another Branch(Shop)in Delhi.we are stock transfer factory to branch so what form we used & why.Please send me my mail Thanks(RABI)

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what is the rate of interest when an assesse paid tax after the due date in the prescribed time limit?

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4 Answers  

what is reverse credit & how it is calculated in vat law in west bengal?

0 Answers   ABC,

what is TDS & CST ????????

2 Answers   PESPL,

sub: salary tds 1) will financial year and assessment year apply for salary tds. ie if my employer is deducting tax then will it be for the last year or current year. 2) in case of assessment year,( example 1st april 2009 to 31 march 2010), why it is given as one year does it mean that the total year is meant for assessing and then when shall we pay the tax or file the returns??? 3) in case of assessment year 1st april 2007 to 31 march 2009, when should i stop assessing and start deducting the tax and when should i pay it to it dept

1 Answers   GIC,

What is RG1 Register, why we make this register and which items shown in this register,

1 Answers  

what is it calculated.example i purchased much percent charged post entry

2 Answers  

what is service tax-meaning,rates for 2008-09,heads,procedure of calculating,all form of service tax,ahen service tax filled.complete information about service tax?

3 Answers   Reliance,

what is AMC charges for the year and how to calculate end of the year i.e dec or march

2 Answers