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I have purchased bitumen from outside state. please confirm
whether i have to pay difference vat on purchases value apart
from entrytax

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how to verify the TIN no. of a company?

7 Answers   Borax Morarji,

Rules of civil law are different than that of criminal law. Are you prepared to enter this knowing that there is little guidance from within our office?

0 Answers  

this is question regarding corporate law and regarding "Return of Allotment" in case of shares My question is we have a share cap of 1lakh that we increased to 50lakh so when should I file return of allotment to registrar do I need to file 2 times now because at the time of SC 1 lakh I did to file any return now I want to file return of allotment pls suggest how should I file and relevant enclosures to the return of allotment

0 Answers   HP,

I have Annual Maintenance Charge payable of Rs. 16,97,505/- P.A. Should I deduct T.D.S. while making payment.......

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The question was asked to me when I went for an interview for a Hotel : I have two hotels located in the state of UP (noida) and Punjab (Mohali). Now I have procured toileteries centrally,pack them in my hotel's branded boxes and store them at a central warehouse in Noida. I received a demand to send some 5 cartons containing my branded boxed toileteries to my Hotel in Mohali. Now do I need a road permit for transporting these goods. If yes then what kind of road permit. Also is the road permit to be issued to the company or to the transporter. If I am to send these toileteries via Railways then in that case do I need any permit.

0 Answers   OYO Rooms,

who are qualified members of a company and what are their right ?

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My bf applied for the fiance visa then things didn't worked out. He recently sent a letter to cancel it but we got back together again and want to keep to visa progress going. How Can we stop the cancelling the fiance visa? Can we do that?

0 Answers   US Consulate,

explain the features of FEMA:

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what is the full form of poto, tada, and gujkok

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who is the present cheif justice of india.

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what is the full form of ADVOCATE?

23 Answers   TATA,

if a person has served the organization from 1st Oct 2005 till 10th Sep 2010, is liable for gratuity payment?

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