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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you intent on
becoming a career prosecutor?

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The question was asked to me when I went for an interview for a Hotel : I have two hotels located in the state of UP (noida) and Punjab (Mohali). Now I have procured toileteries centrally,pack them in my hotel's branded boxes and store them at a central warehouse in Noida. I received a demand to send some 5 cartons containing my branded boxed toileteries to my Hotel in Mohali. Now do I need a road permit for transporting these goods. If yes then what kind of road permit. Also is the road permit to be issued to the company or to the transporter. If I am to send these toileteries via Railways then in that case do I need any permit.

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Where do you see International Law in fifty years' time?

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what is another name of lal bahadur shatri?

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Should those who make the laws (i.e. politicians) and those who enforce the laws (i.e. judges) be kept separate?

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can we ask personal questions?

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Most of the time you will be required to work without direct supervision. Tell me about times when you were given this autonomy and why you believe you are best suited for this position?

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Domain server purchase TDS provision u/s 195 of income tax act, 1961

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sir, this is Ramakrishna i am recently completed MBA from andhra university. present i am working in spencer retail store as a customer service attendant(CSA). but this post suitable to 10th or intermediate range. some of my colleagues says this job is not suitable to me.if i am resign this job whats my position. is there any growth in spencer to mba's.

1 Answers   Spencers,

A doctor is asked by a patient's family member to kill the patient as they are in a lot of pain. Would this be murder?

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If A gave B £100 thinking it was a loan and B accepted the money thinking it was a gift, should he give it back?

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Hello this topic is on: Trademark(passing) 1) What is the sigificance of deception in misrepresentation under passing off? 2) What is the concept of 'moron in a hurry'? 3) What does damage to goodwill means? Thanks:)

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If contractors has worked inhouse jobs in our company can we deduct ESI & PF or if not deducted who has beared the liabilities of contractors

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