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should we can take modvat benefit any time or they have
some limit time to take input benefit claim?

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Do we deduct TDS while making payment for AMC of UPS / computer of less then Rs.5000/- if yes then @ what rate?

8 Answers   Ask Agro Chemicals, Atlantic BPO,

Can anybody tell me that what is the difference among ER- 1,ER-2,ER-5 and also write please applicablity circuler/rule for its limitation or please advice me the best book related rules which is helpful for excise accounting. "THANKS IN ADVANCE"

2 Answers  

Dear All, Please help me in VAT/CST I would like know about full detail of Vat-1.Rate,2.Form No. & everything which is convern about CST/VAT Thanks Sanjay Kumar

4 Answers  

If we got a printing jon we are adverstising firm for that we purchase paper from local dealer which contain vat 4% now when i bill to the person from whom i got a priniting job what should i consider this as service or sale and what tax i charge, i don't have vat no. but i have service tax no.?

0 Answers   iNova,

As an accountant what we have to do if purchaser is not paying us form C however we have charged tax at lower rate against form C?

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Whether Luxury Tax should be collected on Tariff or on discounted tariff.

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cst rates

0 Answers   Swasakthi,

What is the rate of TDS on Rent on NRI

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Can we sale materials to interstate unregister dealer

2 Answers  

A charted accountant has submitted a bill towards his professinal fees of Rs.330900.00 which includes service tax of Rs.30000, Edu cess Rs.600.00 and shec of Rs.300.00. Please suggest me how much TDS we will deduct from this bill.

7 Answers  

What is the limit to applicable the surcharge on TDS.

2 Answers  

When i deduct TDS from my Sundry Creditor, i have to provide him TDS Certificate, after submitting the TDS Certificate to the party what Procedure i have to follow from my Company ?

1 Answers   TATA,