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what is the difference between class and unio?

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declare afunction pointer to int printf(char *)?

1 Answers   HCL,

write a programe to accept any two number and check the following condition using goto state ment.if a>b,print a & find whether it is even or odd and then print.and a<b,printb.find the sum digits of that number & then print.if a==b multiply 10 with a & add 20 with b store in c and then print

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Explain how do you print only part of a string?

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main() { int a[10]; printf("%d",*a+1-*a+3); }

2 Answers  

What does return 1 means in c?

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What are the types of operators in c?

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disply the following menu 1.Disply 2.Copy 3.Append; as per the menu do the file operations 4.Exit

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What is assert and when would I use it?

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What are shell structures used for?

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Write a program that can show the multiplication table.

0 Answers   Student,

Declare the structure which contains the following members and write in C list of all students who score more than 75 marks. Roll No, Name, Father Name, Age, City, Marks.

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Explain what math functions are available for integers? For floating point?

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