What is 'Account Conditioning'?

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What is testing web based project?Give one Example

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what is system testing?

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Hi,iam geetha i want to know about the different type of testing for the webapplications. Since iam doing only manual testing, i want in full details about webapplication testing. Thanks in advance

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why r u looking for change?what should be answer for this?i faced this question in an interview.suggest be gud answers.

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What is the difference between sanity testing and smoke testing

12 Answers   HCL, Patni,

What is Entry Criteria & Exit Criteria

3 Answers   Wipro, QA,

What Questions Project Manager will be aske?

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Explain test procedure and write test cases for EFTPOS/CREDIT CARD

0 Answers   People Bank,

How many testcases have you written till, now as an average per project?

1 Answers   AppLabs,

is retesting and regression same

4 Answers   SAP Labs,

if we got new bug in the retesting due to errors in the code is the bug regression bug or retesing bug

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Hi Friends, What are the steps involved in STLC

16 Answers   Polaris,