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i, transfer to capital redemption reserve is not allowed

i, transfer to capital redemption reserve is not allowed from A, GENERAL RESERVE B, PROFIT PRIOR..

Answer / ashish

general reserve

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Manoj & Mahavir joined a firm drawing salary of Rs 25000 per month.After serving 3 yrs ,they started business of their own in partnership,contributing Rs200000(expected life 10 yrs,bought spare parts worth Rs 33000 from Kundu on credit.Office supplies were purchased for cash.Initially they were very busy in conducting their business operations but by the end of the 1st year,31/12/2005 they were disappointed when they found their bank balances.Following is the summary of their bank statement. Receipts: Share Capital Rs 250000 Collections from Customers 412000 Payments: Equipment 200000 Salaries of Assistants 88000 Rent advance for 2 yrs 96000 On-year ins. Policy on equipment 12000 Office stationery 27000 Payment to Kundu 29000 Withdrawals of Manoj 90000 Withdrawals of Mahavir 90000 Closing balance c/d 30000 ----------- Total : 6,62,000 Still amount receivable from customers for services to them amounted to Rs 30,000 & closing balance of office stationery is Rs2000,spare parts Rs2600 were utilised by the end of the year .Prepare trial balance with the available information and show total. Also what is the net profit.

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Mohan sold goods on 1st sep 2009 for the rs 200000/- to sohan immediatly accepted a 3 month bill.on the due date sohan request for the renewal of the bill for further peirod of two month .mohan agree to pay interest @9% per annum to be inculuded in the new bill . determine the amount of new bill?

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