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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?..

Answer / krishna chaithanya

Cookie is a small piece of code which is stored by web site
on clint hard disk for forther refference.
i'am not sure about session-id.

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?..

Answer / salmaan

Cookie is a small peice of file, usually a text file. It
tracks the information of where you (the URL of site) what
time and date?

Session ID is the distinct identifier residing on the server
linked with the client side browser. This identifier is
alive only when the user is logged in or until s/he closes
the browser window.

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?..

Answer / annad kumar

cookie is the peice of information that ur web client means
Internet explore or mogzilla or netscape will save the data
for u. for example when u type ur id and pass word it saves
as cookie and next time u type it shows the id below the
edit box u can select it press enter.
Cookie is useful to remind ur information on ur client
application instead of typing every time

Coming to Seession id When do u send a request to web
server after establishing a connection the server will give
a session id which uniquely identifis ur sesion of request
and the same time u may send other request from other
browser but from the same machine.then server gives u other
session id. whenever ur sending the request next time the
sesion id lets the server that the request belongs to that
particular session. We use session id's to make the server
a fool.

These session id's r much imporant for performance testers
using LOADRUnner y because while creating Vuser script the
session id given by system wiil be hord coded and at run
time other session id given by server but sequence of all
requests r recorded along with session id hard coded
Whenever 2 nd request goes to server the mismath occurs. So
we have to coorelate this session id to fool the server.

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?..

Answer / shekhar reddy

session memory:
when client makes a first request to the appliction the
webserver will allocate a block of memory unique to the
client.this block of memory is called "session memory".
session id:
when client makes a first request to the application,the
session will be created with unique identifier called as
session id.this will be sent to the client.when the client
sening subsequent requests,the request will be sent with
the session id .then the webserver will find the session
for the client

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