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What is Capital Commitments means?

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What is a business transaction in accounting?

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Can you help me to pass the journal entry for work in progress for a construction company? I would like to know the debit and credit for W.I.P will be under in which accounts head. Eg: debit will be in current asset a/c head, and credit will be under in which a/c in P&L? whether under purchase a/c head, or under direct income a/c head? please give me the details. Thanks for your previous answer?

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What is Bank ?

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what is a difference between public and private accounting?

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Pass journal entries Purchased goods from mr x on credit 1000

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how to reduce the interesting giving to debts ?

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what is differnce between balance sheet of a bank & a company

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in tally ,professional fees head will come under which income group ,direct or indirect if the business of owner is designing work or related to creativity

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GRIR is the clearing account so it the balance will be zero, so how it will impact with balance sheet and why we require to reconcile that account ?

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i wanted to know that how much percent TDS deducted any kind of works, like civil work and Electricals works, machinery, ducting work, security service,

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what will be the treatment of preliminery expenses if due to preliminary expenses being written off there results a loss?

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