What is Capital Commitments means?

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ABC Ltd is a company. Can ABC ltd send debit note to debtors?. what are you situation to send debit note to debtors ?

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what is the capital expenditure

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In tally, i want indirect expenses to be an outstanding expense for me in such a way that if i include it in the sales voucher, it should not add to the price of the product but rather only indirect expenses should be credited. How is it possible?

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{in tally}in inventory info what is (stock group, stock categori, stock item,reorder levels) why we has to prepare them?

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As there is a two types of rates of depreciation i.e as per Income tax Act & As per Company Law.But, in accounting process which of these rates should be taken ?

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journal entry for prepaid insurance and salary outstanding

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Other accounting interview questions to expect when you interview for an accountancy job include:

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Subsidiary ledger and the benefit of making it, explain?

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what will be the treatment of preliminery expenses if due to preliminary expenses being written off there results a loss?

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what show in balance sheet after deduct last depreciation of assets

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what is the treatment for employee contribution and employer contribution in in pf in accounts under which head??

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what is the limit of cash payment in a manufacturing firm and job work related work and how much we paid to the job worker cash payment in financial year Aslam

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