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what are abstract classes and how they impliment , with

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what are abstract classes and how they impliment , with example..

Answer / manoj kumar

abstract class is a class which may or may not contain
abstract method.
abstract class can,t be instantiated i.e. we can,t
create object of an abstract class.
abstract class can be subclasses .
abstract class is a class which is declared abstract.
if any class contain abstract method then it can be
declared abstract.
abstract class{

abstract public void display();//abstract method
abstract method is method which is declared but not
implemented i.e. without braces followed by semicolon.

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what are abstract classes and how they impliment , with example..

Answer / rdl

A class with atleast one pure virtual function is called
abstract class.It cant be instatiated.It can be used as a
base class for other classes. The class derived from an
abstract base class can be instantiated,provided it should
implement the abstract base class pure virtual function.

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