Goods destroy by fire-journal entry?

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Answer / nair vineeth

Loss by fire A/c Dr
To Purchase A/c

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Answer / debraj pal

Closing Stock A/c Dr
To P/L Acct

P/L Acct Dr
To Goods destroyed by fire

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Answer / rabindra mallick

# If not Insured-
Profit & Loss a/c
To Trading (Stock) a/c Cr.
# If Partly Insured-
Insurance Claim a/c Dr.
profit & Loss a/c Dr.
To Trading (stock) a/c Cr.

# If fully insured-
Insurance Claim a/c Dr.
To Trading (stock) a/c Cr.

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Answer / sukanta saha

goods destroyed by fire A/C debit
purchase A/c credit

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Answer / riya edwina

Trading A/c Dr.
To Good destroyed by fire A/c

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Answer / sibaprasad mondal

Abnormal loss A/C----------- DR
TO, Stock A/C

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Answer / naveen kumar r

Goods destroyed by fire a/c Dr
To Trading Account

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Answer / m.balakrishna

stock a/c Dr
To Purchase a/c

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