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i want to know about mimimum wages act with epf ,service
tax, princle employer to contractor for contractor's
labour -mention with notification no and date in which
act, contractor vs central govt ,is principle employer
responsible to pay mimimum wages with epf ,service tax and
other taxes to contractor ? Reply

i want to know about mimimum wages act with epf ,service tax, princle employer to contractor fo..

Answer / subashchandrabose


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Hi to all, i worked in TCS ( Bpo ) for 6 months & i left TCS because of my health issues and one main reason was my senior was not good, i always found myself tortured, no doubt that envoirnment of TCS is really very good, and obviously there are lots of benefits for their employees, even i spoke to my process head, my process manager, even with the process HR , i discussed on the problem i am facing and requested them to move me into other process but there is one policy is till the time i will not complete 18 months in the same process they are unable to move me into other process, and i left TCS within 6 months , i informed my seniors , HR that i am not well wont be able to continue and i need some rest, and it was BPO , i was really very disturbed putting headphones whole day , it was quite frustrating , after 1 month i had started receiving letters from tcs that i am absent from my duties and i haven't informed anyone, then i again spoke to my HR and my senior that i am no well and also shared medical certificate , but that time my HR was on 15-20 days leave, and he couldn't check my mail. after some time i have started receiving reminders that i have to report within 24 hours else they will take strict action against me, i was really very depressed because one side i was not able to continue in same process and i was getting mails on mails that i have to report and i need to continue, i was not willing to TCS, my HR was on leave, i was not aware whether he is in office or not, when i received final letter then the very same day i contacted my collegue and he told me that HR is on leave, then i forwarded the same mail with my medical to Head office ( Mumbai ), where from i was getting mails, and i got contact no of 1 HR then she said today you are responding because today u got final letter , and before that there was no information about you. then i got absconded, & i received too much letters that i am absconded and i have to pay 20k, now i am willing to join TCS , not in same process , and i am also working as a HR ,in a small firm, now pls help me and suggest me that can i join TCS again if i will clear that outstanding or is there any chance to join tcs,

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