When was your resilience tested? Please tell me how to answer this Que.

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Where do you see International Law in fifty years' time?

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What is a judge trial referee?

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I sold my 2 acres agriculture land to some person in 2004. He paid me some amount at that time. Still he has to pay remaining amount to me. But he is not giving. Can I have rights to get my land back. How can I get it.

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I deposit a cheque of Service Tax 5-04-2010( Stamping by bank Staff on Deposit silp 5-04-2010) for the month of March-2010 and cheque cleared 8-04-2010 in Bank . Kindly advised me I calculate interest from 1-04-2010 5-04-2010 or 1-04-2010 to 7-04-2010. With best Regards Kishori lal

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If a Manufacturer pruchases a raw material from a second dealer without getting invoices for availing cenvat credit, obviously he has to pay the excise duty when he completed his manufacturing process. then this does not amount to taxing on tax? What is the remedy available for such manufacturer in availing cenvat credit without invoices?

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Difference between insurance contract and general contract?

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What is the retirement age of prime minister of india??

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can a bill discounted be endorsed without acceptance .

0 Answers   Baidu,

in which year Manipur merged with the Indian union ?

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What is the full form of AIR?

24 Answers   AirIndia, AJ Square Inc, Sail, United Textiles,

"No consideration,No contract" Explain with exception.

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Is there any full form for "LAW" ???

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