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Rules of civil law are different than that of criminal
law. Are you prepared to enter this knowing that there is
little guidance from within our office?

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different between article and section

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Why you want to be a solicitor?

1 Answers   ELC Technologies,

What do you think on the franchising of legal aid firms?

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which kind of response would we get from your referees about your professional as well as social manner?

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hi, the problem is about my grandfathers pf amt (retired around 1990s). my grandfather had retired as a workInspector in pwd department in Vizag. But he didnt take his pf amt because pf documents were not properly managed. later he didnt enquire about because of his personnel problems and he came to his native place which is so far to vizag. And now he was expired last year . so for my grandmother sake , is there any possibilty to get those money ? i tried at vizag but there are so many formalities ? actually i want to know the exact way to get those money ? is there any possibility to get that money atleast.if how pls give me the best suggestion

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Ceiling on eligible loan amount and capital subsidy Latest guidelines by Government of India under scheme CLCSS Term loan are being forwarded for your reference. As per this, we can avail a long, accordingly Maximum limit of eligible loan under the scheme is Rs.100 lakhs and ceiling on Capital subsidy is 15% of eligible plant & machinery subject to maximum of Rs.15.00 lakhs.

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i am in B.A 2nd year from ignou univercitu by corespondce is it possible to join a law after my graduation. and how much time it will take

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hi,,i m preparing for junior assistant in supreme court.i want to know the book for preparation which contains general english, general apptitude and general knowledge questions.

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list out four public documents filed with roc which are public documents can be reviewed.

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When was your resilience tested? Please tell me how to answer this Que.

0 Answers   Victoria Police,

Hello this topic is on: Trademark(passing) 1) What is the sigificance of deception in misrepresentation under passing off? 2) What is the concept of 'moron in a hurry'? 3) What does damage to goodwill means? Thanks:)

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A common High Court for two or more States and/or Union Territories may be established by the

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