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why u prefer andhra bank among so many banks.

why u prefer andhra bank among so many banks...

Answer / vijaya bank for pune post

vijaya bank for pune post

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3 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

Hey friends, do any one know, if anyone is selected as a clerk in SBI (Mumbai), which branch do they normally give for posting in Mumbai?

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what is the use to fix price as in retail i.e 12.95 paise ?

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what is the salary for post master

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Hi I am prepareing for Junior Court Assistant exam for supreme court, so I want previus papaer related with General English questions,General Aptitude questions and General Knowledge questions. Thaks.

16 Answers   Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal APAT, Court, HCL, ICICI, Junior Assistant, Satyam, SunTec, Supreme Court,

can anyone tell me what will be the gross salary of new recruits year 2011 (auditor in cag/cgda)in pay band 1 (5200- 20200) with grade pay 2800??? please give the full calulation to reach the gross salary,if possible... thnx

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A renowed Jain scholar who was greatly honoured by Akbar was (a) Hemchndra; (b) Harivijaya; (c) Vastupala; (d) Bhadrabahu

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postal assistant(grade pay 2400) Sir Along with gross salary(Rs 16500 apox.), is any other perquisites available?

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HPCL INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE Hello everybody, I am writing this for all of you. I attended the HPCL ot interview on 4 May 2011 @ 1 P.m @ Kolkata. Total number of students called for interviewb on my time were 40. When I arrived at the venue we were told to have lunch and were led by a HPCL official and were told that the interview process will start at 3 P.m. We all had our lunch and again got back to the seating area. Soon our attendence was taken. After this we were called one by one for document verification.One can see his written maks at the time of document verification, in my case it was 108 out of 170. I belong to OBC categogy. They call for doc. verification on app;ication number wise. Finally at 5.35 P.M my name was called to apper before panel no 1( there were two panels) and the interview was total HR, a few questions from the application form theysend to you. I was the second last to be interviewed by that panel. After the interview by that panel was over an HR representative came and called the name of candidates who were being sent for medical examination. I was not called. Only two candidates were sent from my panel out of 10 interviewed. The candidates are selected from a panel irrespective of their branch or category, they just told that they have to make 1 selection out of every 5 interviewed, and also told for the candidates not being sent for medical the process stops here. Fom my panel the selected candidates had their written score as 129 & 119 respectively. I was candidate with 3 rd highest marks. On what basis they decide the panel for candidates I could not guess it as the candidate who made it to the medical from panel 2 had written score as 106 & 104, the selection is just comparitive irrespecive of branch or category. FEELING BROKEN AND VERY HURT beat of luck for future hpcl ot aspirants. GUYS, LUCK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR AT HPCL INTERVIEW BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE THE HIGHEST SCORER AT ONE PANEL BUT YOU CAN END UP BEING THE LOWEST AT THE OTHER.

1 Answers   HPCL,

sir my name is bala krishna im go for write bob bank pos written test when the results are held how many months taken for that thank you............

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i need the model question paper of si

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sir plz send me some matirial for preparation of obc bank clerk paper like past solved papers , solved qut.etc my E- mail

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