What is document-view architecture ? Give me one real time
example for SDI ?

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What is document-view architecture ? Give me one real time example for SDI ? ..

Answer / satheeshkedarisetti

MFC applications wizards by default creates an application
skeleton with a document class and view class. This
achetecture separates the data management into these two
classes. The document manages the data of multipule views.
view displays the data and manages the user interaction.

Notepad is simple example for SDI application.

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What is document-view architecture ? Give me one real time example for SDI ? ..

Answer / jianhua wang

This document-view architecture is the core of the
application framework and is loosely based on the
Model/View/Controller classes from the Smalltalk world. In
simple terms, the document-view architecture separates data
from the user’s view of the data. One obvious benefit is
multiple views of the same data.

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